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Well this was a pleasant surprise this week. Repeated my beta on Tuesday was 285. I was content to see a moderate rise, but this was over 6 days and no where near doubling. Then I repeated 48 hrs later and I was shocked to see 532, giving me an 86% rise. Not doubling but pretty close. My ultrasound was interesting, the previously seen irregular shaped fluid collection is still there measuring same size, but this time there was a 2nd fluid collection, which was round and happy, so I’m more confident is a gestational sac (the first possibly just free fluid?), but still no yolk sac, and it’s measuring 4.6 weeks even tho I was 5.4. So it’s not great news, and I’m still very guarded about my emotions moving forward. My OB has me on progesterone supplements that have made me very emotionally sensitive and irrational. From here I’m going to stop checking betas. It’s making me so neurotic to over analyze every number. But so hard getting pregnant it’s so hard to believe my body will do the right thing. Still no firm answers, good or bad, but cautiously optimistic. It’s been such a nice mental break to be able to come on here to share and vent with you all that are living this roller coaster with me. I will continue to update you moving forward. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #ttcsisters #pcospregnancy #pcoswarrior #infertilitywarrior #pcoscysters #earlypregnancy #betahcg #pregnancyanxiety