🛑 Stop Overcomplicating it! 🛑 . Funny I wrote the beginning of this back before Xmas 😂😜 it applies even more right now while we are all locked in the house! 🏡 I’ll be doing something like this in a bit for a break from cleaning my house before little man gets here! 🤱🏼👼🏼 and let me know how you like the tips and dos/donts! I’m not perfect and still working on myself but I do love coaching proper form! . Workouts don’t have to be hard, involve a ton of equipment, be on one leg, standing on a bosu ball, lifting a weight while making a casserole with your eyes closed! 😂😳😬 but seriously! I see so many people even trying to do simple moves like a bird dog with the incorrect form! Especially right now with everybody being at home, there are countless exercise videos, routines, etc. and some are just plain dumb. Honestly it’s only hurting you in the end, but I digress (check out my page @rachelgilmoredc for more exercise tutorials coming soon!) . Like this one for example: I did this one thanksgiving weekend, have done variations many times during this #pregnancy and it is always good! At home workouts have been my jam the past 8 months bc they’re easy, I don’t have to leave the house (especially while moving!), and they’re effective so I’ve been on this train before they were cool 😎😝 except when I needed a KB I couldn’t find one 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ . Literally this one is a 🍑🍑🍑 builder, and well cause holidays and right now where people are more likely less active are the BEST times to train with all of the excess calories going to the booty! Newsflash: your body NEEDS CARBS to build muscle for a booty! So use it to your advantage! . Anyways I know y’all want the workout! 👏🏼 Let me know how ya like it! Videos are in order! ▪️3-4 rounds each (more/less depending on your fitness level) - video # indicated below! 1️⃣ activation: 12-15 Squat-side step 2️⃣ 20 BW Squat 2️⃣ 15 Banded Abductions 3️⃣ 12 Band curl (light & medium) 3️⃣ 15 Incline push up or 30s high plank 4️⃣ 10 Split squat (so hard for me!) 5️⃣ 15 Shoulder taps 6️⃣ Extra burn: alternating toe taps . Hope you guys are having a productive and good quarantine! And HAPPY FRIYAY!!! 😎