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Need to vent. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this and just validates me or tells me to chill haha. So I had scheduled my initial appointment (not until 12 weeks btw) with the office I went to for my yearly PAP last year(my insurance changed and I had to change providers) because they have midwives there. And I’ve been working on the intake process for this Midwife Center near me and they approved me to schedule my first appointment- they wanted to make it the same day as my other appointment- so I asked if it could be sooner. And the girl totally made me feel like the biggest idiot ever “oh- so you’re like still deciding? Because we have to prioritize people who know they want to be here...blah blah blah” Like this is my first pregnancy- I’ve never met any of these places or seen either facility. Im so nervous that this is even real and I just want confirmation from a doctor but no one sees people until 12 weeks. Just like wow. I’m super emotional today- maybe a little hormones but also I feel like this is a valid reason to be upset. After her making me feel bad and me explaining because of covid-19 I can’t do in person orientation or tours so I’d really like to come in and meet people and see the place she scheduled me for the next day. But like why? Why’d she have to do that. #earlypregnancy #duedecember2020 #pregnantrunner #pregnant