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Pregnancy symptoms Vs Progesterone side effects At 8dp5dt I woke at 02:30am with terrible reflux that kept me awake for hours. I normally suffer from GORD and manage it with Omeprazole but never had reflux that woke me from my sleep. This progressively got worse and I started either feeling nauseous or experience reflux most of the day and night. My sleep became more and more erratic and disturbed by my reflux & the exhaustion set in. On Thursday night I went to bed early at 9:30pm and was asleep by 11pm (a record for me) but woke at 1am with terrible reflux. I took quick-eze, had a small snack and propped myself up in bed so I was almost in a sitting position but nothing helped. I was awake until 7:15am then managed to finally fall asleep only to wake with a fright at 8am, jumping out of bed, heart racing, thinking I was late and had to be somewhere. It took a good minute to realise what day it was and that I in fact didn’t need to be anywhere and had only been asleep for 45mins. So after some research I found that an increase in progesterone can cause reflux as progesterone relaxes muscle to allow for the uterus to stretch and grow, this relaxing effect causes the valve at the top of the stomach to the oesophagus to relax and allow stomachs acid and food to travel back up the oesophagus. So I put it out there to this beautiful community & asked what has helped with your reflux during pregnancy, along with some reading of pregnancy bloods and this is what I got: *Gaviscon dual action *Quick-eze chews *Eno *Ginger ale *Buderim Ginger Gummy Bears *Buderim Crystallised Ginger *Fruit Tingles *Ginger Nut Biscuits So I’m going to give them all a go and have also changed my progesterone pessaries times and doses. I usually take 400mg at bedtime and found that within an hour my reflux was through the food. I have as of today (14dp5dt) started taking 400mg in the morning and 200mg at bedtime to help get some decent sleep. Did you have any early pregnancy symptoms or nasty side effects from progesterone? What helped you? How long did it last? Any advice for this newbie? #earlypregnancysymptoms #earlypregnancy #progesteronesideeffects #reflux #pregnancyreflux