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Been a tough week.. home schooling and feeling a bit flat being home and not working for so long now. The slow days are making me feel slower and less motivated and more tired. Though some exciting new happened this week. We had our 12 week scan! I was a little worried and had taken a step back from exercise because I had had some cramping. But all is good our little one was having a party and didn't want to stop to have it's measurements taken. We told our children which they are super super super happy! I can now wear things that allow my belly to show rather than trying to hide it. Because honestly I was getting very limited on what I had left to wear. Though one of my son's said mum I just knew I could see your belly was getting bigger and bigger... I had also noticed him hugging it heaps too. Had a feeling he was clicking onto it! So we are happy! So happy! I'm now feeling better and enjoying this next phase of pregnancy. Still have to pinch myself it's real. Mentally it's still hard to believe. . . . . #12weekspregnant #firsttrimester #earlypregnancy #bumpdate