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🦋Staying Positive🦋 So after a positive home pregnancy test & a positive blood test with ‘strong’ Hcg levels, it was the long wait for my viability scan at the clinic at 8 weeks & trying to make it through the Christmas season without being able to join in festivities properly & feeling like I couldn’t tell anyone my secret incase I ‘jinxed’ something. I tried to stay positive... And as scan day came round in early Jan, I had been feeling v sick, exhausted, tender breasts, the classic early pregnancy symptoms, for a few weeks. However I felt all that the last time before things went ‘wrong’ so I was extra anxious as I went for my scan... Thankfully it all went well 🙌the embryo/sack etc. was all ‘normal’ size this time & with a ‘normal’ heartbeat too, I couldn’t believe it, maybe better days could be coming for me & I savoured this positivity & happiness as I knew another wave of worry about the next scan/test would no doubt come along soon! #stayingpositive #positiveenergy #earlypregnancy #earlypregnancyscan #8weekspregnant #ivf #ttc #ttcjourney #fertilityjourney #singlemotherbychoice #ifitwaseasyeveryonewoulddoit #ifitwaseasy #letstalk