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I am sleeping SO much right now and just generally being so lazy. I don’t know if it’s bubba or the progesterone but I am crazy tired. (Thankfully I get to work from home what with the global pandemic and all) I found my other pregnancies hard at work being on my feet all day and not being able to go to the toilet every time I felt anything and started to panic. Really grateful to be here right now. Getting lots of symptoms and keep praying it’s little one growing away and not just the meds. Nausea ✅ Very painful boobs ✅ Fatigue/ lazy-itis ✅ Twinges/ mild cramps ✅ Lightheadedness ✅ And I could not be happier for these feelings. Hope you’re getting comfy in there little one 💕💕#ivfjourney #earlypregnancy #pregnancysymptoms #deivf #donoreggs #keepgrowing #stayhealthy