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Are you wondering if you are pregnant? It is possible to experience pregnancy symptoms before missing your period. . I had 7 pregnancies, 2 earthside, 5 mc's. Through this experience, I just felt like I knew my body so well. I just knew I was pregnant at least more than a week before my period was due. . - Dizziness - Fluttering feelings in my stomach - Rushes of energy - Tightening of my uterus - Cramping feelings from left to right (instead of the normal top to bottom pms cramps) - Feeling implantation - Implantation bleeding - Heavy breasts - Feeling warmer than usual - Frequent urination - Food aversions - Feeling different (almost like a motherly feeling already) - The position of my cervix (high and soft) . I have written in more detail about early pregnancy feelings on my website. See the link in my bio and go to the Pregnancy section. @ohmymamabody