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Anxiety and pregnancy Finding out your pregnant is one of the most surreal emotions and il never forget that! Everything was fine.... I saw my consultant as I’d been diagnosed with endometriosis some time before... ‘You’l need an early scan to make sure everything’s ok’ what? What does this mean? To make sure everything’s ok? After this the first 12 weeks was full of anxiety. I couldn’t shake it. The words ‘high risk’ can be scary. But do we ask why? So many of us don’t question why? What does ‘high risk’ mean for me? What are my options? Always question and ask why if your not sure. A few things that helped me during this time of feeling anxious:- Tell somebody. A close friend? Relative? We all know the old ‘were not telling people yet’ but for me to be able to speak to a close friend or relative to rationalise and just be at the other end of a text or phone call was what I needed sometimes! Talk to your birth partner. Don’t hide these feelings away or be ashamed! Step away from google. Right now. Breathe. Try some meditation or visualisation (visualisation is so powerful and it’s also one of the tools we use in the hypnobirthing course) the calm app is my favourite! Self care. No I don’t mean a bubble bath and candles (although that’s also bloody lovely) I mean the really important stuff. Sleep, getting your 7-8 hours. Stepping away from your phone (stop googling!) Nutrition. No not smoothies and celery juice. A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg and home cooked meals! Hydration. Are you drinking enough water? When depleted of these things it can trigger anxiety and stress. Talk to your midwife or healthcare provider about these feelings and your options. A consultant led birth does not mean the end of a positive one! (Il post more on this on the next one!) It’s also completely normal to feel emotional! Your hormones are ramping up and your growing a human. Go easy on yourself ❤️ Have you experienced pregnancy anxiety? How did you feel and what would you say to someone who is experiencing these feelings? #pregnancy #positivebirth #mentalhealth #maternalmentalhealth #earlypregnancy #firsttrimester #visualisation #mindfulnes