Heartbroken 💔 • • I was debating if I should post this or not but, after seeing some other posts on #miscarriageawareness I thought, I want to put this out there because, sadly, it happens and we can’t deny/hide that! 💔 • • Sadly on Thursday night I suffered a miscarriage. I was six weeks pregnant 🤰🏻 and to be honest, was amazed I had fallen so quickly especially as I have #PCOS and I am currently very overweight. • • As sad as I am, I have started to come round and accept that everything happens for a reason and it might not seem obvious right now, but there is a reason - no matter how sad ☹️. • • This whole experience has given me the kick I needed though to lose this weight & be in the best possible version of me that I can be. So I’m really going to use this isolation period to focus on me, my body & mind because I now know just how much we want this 👶🏻. • • Stay Safe & Positive ❤️💪🏽☺️ #covid #miscarriage #miscarriagesupport #implantationbleeding #TTC #Pregnancy #EarlyPregnancy #Life #Weightloss #Journey #Sad #tryingtoconceive #SlimmingWorld #isolation