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MISSING YOU... For all the grandparents out there longing to see our little ones. We know this is hard, we love you and miss you. . With so much anxiety going on in the world it’s no surprise if you’re finding it hard to switch off mentally and sleep at night. - Our relaxation and night time blend SERENITEA has been designed especially to help relax the body, calm the central nervous system and provide a mild sedative effect to help you unwind the mind chatter. . Ideal to enjoy half an hour before bed the sleepy slumber of this soothing tea will help you unwind your mind and body. . Packed with nourishing ingredients like calming oatstraw, nourishing Honeybush, soothing chamomile and immune boosting rosehip, plus a few other delicious ones for flavour it’s the go to night time tea for mamas to be AND the grandparents we miss so much. - Conveniently available in Pyramid Tea Bags to help keep life simple and efficient. - 100% Organic and caffeine free. - . . #maternitea #pregnancy #pregnancytea #pregnancysleep #pregnancyissues #cantsleep #nosleep #restlesslegs #rls #backpain #pregnancypic #bump #babybump #babyannouncement #stress #gettingreadyforbaby #earlypregnancy #healthypregnancy @butnaturalphotography 📸