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Homemade pregnancy tests. Do homemade pregnancy tests work? How can I make a homemade pregnancy test? . So many ladies have been contacting me about pregnancy symptoms because they do not have access to a pregnancy test at the moment. . A friend of mine is confirmed as 5 weeks pregnant (she has a positive test and a scan from the gynocologist) so I asked her to help me out with putting homemade pregnancy tests to the test. . We tried out the following tests comparing the results with her urine and my urine: 什- Homemade pregnancy test with bleach 什- Homemade pregnancy test with sugar 什 - Homemade pregnancy test with soap 什- Homemade pregnancy test with sugar 什- Homemade pregnancy test with baking soda . The results of the home pregnancy tests were really surprising. Two didn't work at all, 2 were hard to tell and one test really seemed to work...the baking soda one. . Of course it's hard to say if these tests are really 100% reliable. It was definitely interesting to see the results. . Have a look for yourself - check out my YouTube video: