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In one of my earlier post I have mentioned about two products which I found to be very effective during my pregnancy days. In this post I will share about the other product. I was prescribed by an ayurvedic practitioner this Bala Tailam which I found to be very effective in keeping my skin soft and nourished. I used to apply this oil all over, then do some exercise followed by warm water bath. I used to feel calm and relaxed after applying it and the best part it I didn't get any stretch marks. This oil kept my skin super soothing as the skin during pregnancy feels itchy and uncomfortable. There are many other products/ oils that are available in the market, but since I was recommended by my physician I didn't try any other and used it during my second pregnancy also. It is available at Ayurvedic shop priced at 160/- for 100 ml. #newbornbaby #newmom #momsworld #momstobe #earlypregnancy #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancy #momsofinstagram #mumbaibloggers #mummyblogger #momslife #stretchmarksremoval #stretchmarksremoval #pregnantmom #BabyCare #parentingtips #choritoblock