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This is a really stressful time for many newly pregnant women, especially those who been trying to conceive for some time, have had miscarriages or gone through IVF treatment. The bottom line is that this virus is so new to us that we don’t know everything about it yet but are guided by what the @midwives_rcm and @rcobsgyn advise for pregnant women. What we do know is that a woman’s immune system in early pregnancy changes to be able to accommodate implantation. It’s incredibly hard for women to self isolate, especially if they’ve got toddlers and like most women who have gone through huge journeys to get where they are they already anxious and looking for every single sign that something is about to go wrong. Please visit my blog at for my tips on managing your mindset and supporting your immune system . . . . #earlypregnancy #immunesupport #immunesystem #pregnancy #maternalmentalhealth