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Blog number 2 is out already, this coronavirus is at least making me be productive 😳🤰. All about the dildo scans & first time I saw the little one amidst checking for a potential ectopic. Its so nice that people have already messaged me who have been looking for this kind of information in a blog/vlog/post before & havent been able to find it as I was EXACTLY the same. Links in my bio. Hope everyone is staying well and as connected as possible, those who can - get outside in fresh air, go for a walk (or ride like im lucky enough to 🐎🐴) as being indoors for too long is tiring and is stuffy so gives you a headache. Im being strict and sticking to over 10,000 steps a day - if not, small jogs or mini workouts. Im off for a ride now (midwife and goverment approved - safe for baby, allowed in self isolation) & then going to bake scones (because if the shops are out of food, WE BAKE OUR OWN😊) No symptoms as of yet, poor chuks is still at home and I cant wait to get back to him ❤️🏡.. If we are stuck in this any longer, im decorating the nursey and we will be visiting every single national trust place near us and baking every austrian cake there is 🎂😂 ❤️❤️ To my fellow NHS workers, l'occitaine are handing out free hand cream (its my go to hand cream): Nandos is 50% off: Misguided is 50% off and many smaller businesses are too 😊 THANKYOU __________________ #cancerinformation #cancerblogger #cancerblog #pregnancyblogger #earlypregnancy #bump #ovariancancerawareness #teenagecancer #cr_uk #exercisemotivation #fitness #freshair #gooutside #corona #selfisolation #bekind #baking #bakingfromscratch #blogger #bloggingcommunity #sweatybetty #nomakeup #selfisolation #horseriding #nurses #nursing #nhsworker