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#6weekspregnant and 6 days. I'll try and take a pic in the same pants as last time for comparison purposes. I'm feeling a bit better in terms of energy. I could still have a small nap on the days I'm not working or running around catching up on jobs but I also feel okay if I don't. I just crash at night a bit earlier. The 24/7 nausea is a bit full on. Looking forward to that finishing up. Dr has given me maxalon for it though it makes me a bit unco and I can't have that so I leave it for when I'm really bad. It does help me to feel human though. Food ... Well it's not my friend. Staring at 5 weeks I've struggled to maintain a healthy diet as I would normally eat. Lots of carbs help. Just thinking about veggies makes me 🤢 fruit is okay. While eating I start to feel better but I have to watch I only eat small amount or I feel so sick afterwards. My overseas trip I was due to leave on the 31st. I'm gutted that I can't go.. I very much needed the break. Not having one for two years I am beginning to be over working and need to just take some time out. Though I'm not having a big holiday anymore I'm hoping to still have a little one somewhere. Maybe road trip or something. Oh... for the "morning sickness" seabands help. They don't take it away but certainly take the edge off. #7weekspregnant tomorrow and one week until we go to my friend's wedding 🤞 it can still go ahead for them. Great to see others due around the same time and ahead of me start to follow my page. I really enjoy reading through your updates as well! #firsttrimester #halfway #earlypregnancy #duenovember2020 #bumpshot #bumpdate #pregnancy