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So I've had to prematurely tell my manager I'm very early pregnant thanks to coronavirus.. I feel like I've jynxed it now as we hadn't told anyone yet! I work in a hospital and with Boris Johnson putting pregnant women in the 'at risk' group I obviously had to tell her so I can be included in the departments risk assessments... sigh! Being just over 4 weeks, telling someone has made my anxiety go way up! It's too early 😣😭 I know she'll be great and keep it secret but it's just scary. The bloody virus hasn't even bothered me.. think it's working in healthcare gives you this sort of attitude 😂 I'm absolutely aware of the situation and the dangers but if myself or colleagues were panicked by every possible illness, virus or disease we might be in contact with each day, I think we'd go insane 🤦‍♀️ Stay safe guys - wash your hands! #pcos #ttc #earlypregnancy #coronavirus #nhs