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How do I know what I can do in early pregnancy? 🏋🏼‍♀️ . . It’s a question that so many of you ask, and quite rightly. The answer depends on so many things, and that’s the hard bit ... figuring out what is right for YOU! . . 🔅 HOW DO YOU FEEL? Often women get hit by symptoms early on in their pregnancy that make exercise virtually impossible or at the very least unappealing. Sickness, nausea, exhaustion can push exercise down your priority list, and that’s ok. . . 🔅 WHAT IS YOUR BODY USED TO? If you have spent the last few years running frequently or lifting weights then there is no reason that you need to stop, if it still feels comfortable to continue. You may find that running no longer feels good for you, in which case there’s your answer. It doesn’t mean you can’t start to exercise in your pregnancy having never done it before but start slow and my advice would be to get some in person guidance to begin with. . . 🔅 HOW DOES YOUR BODY FEEL TODAY? Every day in pregnancy can feel different. It truly is a rollercoaster, where some days you might feel absolutely normal and others getting out of bed feels like hard work. Some days lunges will feel fine and others they cause you discomfort. So it is up to you to make that call ... each and every day! . . ⛔️ Of course there are some absolutely no no’s which I should mention, and these include activities with a high risk of falling, being fallen into or losing your balance. Hot yoga or anything where your body temperature stays very high for a long time is also out. ✅ Hiit workouts, contrary to belief, are actually ok to continue with as long as you feel ok, and are able to maintain a relatively normal conversation throughout - ie not work yourself to complete exhaustion! I would swap out the high impact exercises for others as you progress through your pregnancy to save your joints and pelvic floor, but you can still enjoy raising your heart rate! . . I have learned in the last few months just how important it is to ✨listen to your body✨ in pregnancy. If you are unsure of whether an exercise is ok to do or not, listen to what your body is telling you. It’s usually right!