The EARLY PREGNANCY SCAN or the 1st scan of your pregnancy is done between 5 weeks to 10 weeks of the last missed period, and it answers some or all of the following queries:- To confirm location of the pregnancy (Is the baby inside the uterus ?) To determine fetal viability (Is the baby’s heart beating ?) To measure fetal heart rate (How fast is the baby’s heart beat ?) To provide accurate gestational dating by crown-rump-length (How far along am I?) To establish an estimated due date (When is the baby due?) To determine number of fetuses (Could I be having twins?) To assess the ovaries and uterus to make sure that they are normal (please note that these structures are not always clear on ultrasound) - Depending on the mother's habitus,fullness of the bladder and size of the embryo, the scan can be done through the transvaginal or transabdominal route. - Both the methods are equally safe and cause no harm to the mother or her little one. #fetalyours #fmfuk #fetalmedicinefoundation #pregnancy #bundleofjoy #earlypregnancy #educateyourself