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Around 6-8 weeks (sometimes earlier) you may start to get morning sickness.  Why it’s called morning sickness god knows, as it can strike any time!  For some, once they’ve been sick they recover and feel fairly normal for the rest of the day, for others the nausea or vomiting may last all day and it can really debilitating. If it is just morning sickness then different remedies can help different people; dry crackers, ginger biscuits or sweets, coke (sometimes flat is recommended), sea-sickness bands and lemon are often thought to help.  Changing the time or type of prenatal vitamin you take can also have an impact as they can sometimes make sickness worse. If your vomiting is excessive, or the nausea is all day and doesn’t lift, and starts to impact your life very negatively, you may have Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  Although people call this severe morning sickness it isn’t morning sickness, and can be dangerous to mum and baby if the mother becomes dehydrated.  In severe cases the pregnant person might need to be hospitalised in order to have iv fluids and a feeding tube.  If you are worried you might have HG contact your doctor and ask for a prescription for medication, there are many which are considered to be safe during pregnancy. is a fantastic resource for support and for information about the medication available. Post 2/6 #firsttrimester #firsttri #mummytobe #newmum #pregnant #pregnancyannouncement #morningsickness #hyperemesis #hg #earlypregnancy #weekspregnant #babyontheway #morningsicknessremedies #12weeks #earlyscan