One year and one day since I told Haim he was going to be a father. I knew a couple of days earlier, but was worried to tell him. I didn’t quite believe the pregnancy test and wanted to do a few more to be sure. I knew how heartbroken he would be of the tests were wrong. My gynaecologist had said that there was a 99.9% chance we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant naturally but we could ‘try anyway’. I wasn’t feeling very so positive pregnancy tests were hard to comprehend! But here we are, a year later with our little blessing. He truely is Dad of the year ⭐️ Hamish said if I ever managed to get pregnant naturally, I had to tell him in a ‘cool way’. No pressure mate. Swipe to see the video of me telling him! Excuse the voices.. we talk to each other like this way too often and have just realised how horrible it sounds 🤢