76% of girls who age out of foster care are mothers before their 21st birthdays leading to higher rates of poverty criminal convictions and child welfare involvement. You know what I think nobody is talking to them about SEX Why is SEX so taboo either your having it or you want it Either way the girls and boys that are having it are getting their children taken and aren’t in a position to care for them My EVENT’s prevent the data you just read about My girls have already been in PRIVATE JETS No bottom of the bottom thinking with me As a former foster youth and a person who had an abortion at 20 I wish someone talked to me more about SEX & how valuable my body was I wish someone would’ve talked to my sister about SEX & her desires to be a lesbian I wish someone would’ve talked to my friend about his desires to be a woman How did you learn about SEX in foster care... Did you ever contract a STD Are you HIV positive after foster care I’ve heard those stories too 👆🏾 Have you been molested Have you ever modeled your molesters behaviors I mean let’s talk about SEX ———————————————————————— #FosterCare 🌸 #SEX #LGBT #molestation #pansexual #earlypregnancy #sti #stud #metoo #abortion #hiv #fosteringsaveslives #fosterparents #fostermom #fosterdad #adoption #lesbian #abstinence