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This will be of huge interest to all those couples who have been through the terrible heartbreak of a #miscarriage. One in five pregnancies end in miscarriage; sometimes that is nature's way of dealing with an unhealthy conception but when it happens repeatedly, it has always been wondered "Could we do something to prevent this happening again?" I have a special interest and affection for any research arising from the work of the Tommy's charity as I was a senior registrar at St Thomas's when it was set up back in the late 1980s, supported keenly by my wonderful bosses, Ian Fergusson and Anthony Kenney. So to the outcome of the PRISM and PROMISE trials. These were well conducted randomised, placebo controlled studies which have definitively answered the question "Does giving vaginal progesterone improve the chance of going on to have a live baby if you have had a miscarriage before? It does if you have had three miscarriages before and it does if you are having a threatened miscarriage in a current pregnancy having had a miscarriage before. Do make sure to get advice as soon as you are pregnant if you have miscarried in previous pregnancies. #recurrentmiscarriage #earlypregnancy #preventmiscarriage #pregnancyloss