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Life right now πŸ˜‚πŸ’©πŸ™ˆ. You would think eating a biscuit for brekky would be fun but the novelty wears off. Only way I can get out of bed is forcing a biscuit and some water in me and then hoping for the best. Walking about makes me feel sick. Certain things on the tv make me sick. People posting their dinners on Facebook make me heave πŸ€’πŸ˜‚it sure is fun. Yest was awful tummy aches and pains and feeling so nauseous. The evenings are worse overall and I have to get into bed as soon as Mr gets home. Just got to get through today and tomo and then he has some time off to help out. Ice lollies and fanta help in the day and crisps, sucking on sweets and mints. I can stomach cereal or toast. Each day feels like a massive long day and like a mountain to climb. But each day that passes feels like a step closer to the second trimester where i may feel better again (please let that happen) 5 weeks of feeling shit basically is starting to take its toll. I sometimes cry when I'm in bed. Was never as bad with my first but reading into it, seems alot of people have it worse with second pregnancies?? It's like oh they coped last time what can we throw at her this time round?! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ. I have my scan later today after pains and bleeds. Just hope it's all okay. Last night was having stabbing pains in my tummy which wasn't nice but it went after about 10 mins. You never know what's normal as so many growing and stretching pains. Saw baby and strong heartbeat 11 days ago so praying nothing has changed. The thought of car journey there and drinking the pint of water beforehand is making me feel proper green 🀒 car journeys are the absolute worst at the moment trying to not go in one as much as poss. Basically we are pretty much housebound. Polly is watching cbeebies, playing with her dolls house, stickers and drawing all day everyday but hubby gonna take her out Thursday and Friday thankfully. It will be worth it have to keep muttering to myself. #firsttrimester #pregnancy #earlypregnancy #morningsickness #feellikedeath #green #nausea #scan #baby #secondbaby #housebound #sick #biscuits #bedismynewhome