Hey there! My name is Kim 🙋‍♀️ I am a solo mum to a 8 year old boy (C) and a 6 year old girl (S) I have been running solo since before miss S was born. 7ish years ago! My dating days are done! (Thats a long story for another day) I decided I needed to go solo if I wanted my baby number 3. So with the help of an amazing donor, here I am, 101 days from the start of my journey. On the 100th day of this journey I got the positive that I'd been waiting so patiently for! I am beyond thrilled and still very much still in shock! I have yet to break the news to C and S ... or anyone else for that matter... I am the worst at keeping secrets too so who wants to put bets on how long before I spill the beans? 🤣 For now, I just wanted to introduce myself and officially start posting. Until next time, Kim x - - - #smbc #solomum #singlemum #Australiansolomum #BFP #pregnancy #earlypregnancy #positive #bigfatpositive #smbc