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16 weeks pregnant. Sorry I havent really been posting a lot on here recently. The truth is I never know what to write anymore. I feel guilty coming on here and maybe having a moan about how difficult I find being pregnant sometimes. . . . Truth is, infertility definetly stick with you through pregnancy. I live a lot of day in fear still, of everything that comes out of me, of everything I'm feeling. I'm about to have my 6th scan because I keep having minor spotting. They did find a slight detachment to my placenta which freaked me out a bit. . . I also been struggling with tiredness, and wanting to just be at home all the time. Avoiding most social situation because I dont want to be around people drinking when I'm sober (stupid I know) . . Anyway, as you can see from the photo I'm definetly growing a sizeable bump which is taking some getting used too.