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It's been 3 weeks and 1 day. The hurt is still very real, my gosh, I've never felt so hurt in all of my life. It feels really terrible to say that as I've lost several very close loved ones in my lifetime, but this, this has cut me so deep. What I am reminded of though is that there is so much power in vulnerability. In saying I'm not ok. In saying I need help. In saying I can no longer do certain things. I'm also hoping that my vulnerability in openly sharing this journey of loss and grief helps others to feel that they can talk about their loss to whomever they need to. We all the know the phrase "it's OK to not be OK" but pregnancy loss seems to be lagging behind on that front, and many are of the opinion that it's not to be shared,it should be kept hidden, a secret, like its something to be embarrassed or ashamed of, and it's not, yes I'm hurting, but I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of it, and heck, I've had plenty of experience at this point. I understand that not all want to share their story of loss, and that's OK, but I've been contacted by so many who said they felt they couldn't tell anyone and it was the loneliest time of their life. That is not ok, that needs to change, and I hope that me being so open helps others feel they can be too in whatever way works for them. If you ever need to talk, I am here ❤️