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Ok, even the Guy With the Sign says so! 😏😏😏 We know how hard early pregnancy can be ( HARD!!)! You can’t eat because you feel sick, and you feel sick because you can’t eat. And none of it makes sense. And you slip deeper and deeper into the black hole and live in yoga pants and haven’t left the house.... You with me? This is oh so common, but please try to eat small amounts of foods. Even if the foods are not what you may typically eat (ie: chicken nuggets and all the toast). Try your best! Sips of water, ginger root in a capsule or tablet, electrolytes, fresh fruits, pineapple, homemade popsicles, broth, these are just a few things to try! Medication can be necessary life saving and even taking OTC Unisom and B6 at night can work. Acupuncture, acupressure, and body work can be helpful. But eat and eat and eat, tiny amounts if you can! Hang in there, growing a baby is demanding! #yougotthis #earlypregnancy #nausea #carbsarelife #midwives #wasatchmidwifery