Now all our family have been told me and Jared are over the moon to announce that I'm pregnant!! I realise most people generally wait until they are further along before telling people but that would be end of march and I definitely don't have that much patience and there's always risks involved either way. But if we have worked it out correctly I'm about 6 weeks pregnant, we are so happy and excited, it feels very surreal atm but can't wait for everything little thing!! Went down to Norfolk on the weekend which was preplanned with my brother to suprise my mum, and ended up finding out before I went down so it worked out as really good timing as after the initial suprise of us being down I sat everyone down for the reveal and the reactions from everyone were perfect and amazing!! Even got some little clothes put away from having no self control and lovely gifts from family. #pregnant #announcement #6weeks #earlypregnancy #family #baby #excited #surreal #happy #overthemoon