Caption nested . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Seems like forever since I’ve been able to post an update. Two weeks can feel like an eternity! Today was our first OB appointment. We’re 10 weeks and everything looked great during the ultrasound. It was my first time *hearing* the baby’s heartbeat- so surreal! At the end of the appointment I had a blood draw for NIPT, so hopefully we can find out the sex in a week or so! While I’ve always visualized having a girl, I have a hunch this will be a boy. I’m just thrilled to have a healthy, growing baby in there. . . My anxiety has definitely toned down since my 8 week scan. My mantra is to trust the odds...things are more likely to go well than wrong. Symptom wise: Puked a few times last week but really not too bad. Some nausea, food just doesn’t really sound great right now. Gassy as hell. Cranky as hell. Sleepy as hell (guys I couldn’t even stay up to watch the bachelor this week). My lower back has really started hurting too, even though I’ve got no bump! As annoying as symptoms can be, I’m still so grateful to get to experience them and I find them reassuring. . . That’s it for now. Next ultrasound won’t be until my 13th week! So far away! Maybe I’ll cave and go to a boutique place 😬 I’ve announced to most friends, family, and co-workers by now either in person or on the phone. I’ll wait to find out sex and then probably announce on social media around Valentine’s Day 💗 . . Sending love and prays to all those still waiting 💗