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H is for Hypnobirthing (how could it not be?!) For those who don't know, my name is Jenny and I am one half of @thebirthingbible . I am a part-time midwife and full time Hypnobirthing teacher. Hypnobirthing found me as a student midwife, when I couldn't believe the difference between the positive mentality and outlook of the Hypnobirthing mother's I met, compared to the average couple. I now run one of the biggest and most successful hypnobirthing courses in the West Midlands and am honoured to have assisted over 500 couples on their journey to parenthood. Hypnobirthing teaches women and their birthing partners the knowledge AND tools to have an empowering, calm and positive birth experience- regardless of whether it is a home water birth or an elective caesarean. Giving birth in the UK is scary, we live in a society where most people are misinformed and frightened about childbirth. My job as a hypnobirthing teacher is to educate you and help you feel excited about bringing your baby earthside while teaching your partner how to support you during the labour! So, if you live close to Wolverhampton and you are expecting a baby, please get in touch and let me help you to have the best experience possible. If you live outside of the West Midlands, go on the KG Hypnobirthing website and search for a teacher in your area or alternatively you can do the online course- send me a message and I'll happily send you the link 🥰 #thebirthingbible #atozofmidwifery #hypnobirthingwolverhampton #hypnobirth #positivebirth #empoweringbirth #birthintheuk #Birthisbeautiful #birthadvice #BirthTips #Impregnant #helpimpregnant #2ndTrimester #earlypregnancy #MidwifeAdvice #midwifery #studentmidwife #Momtobe