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C U P P A ​ L A D I E S ? Soft cheeses, seafood, pate, alcohol, sushi, liver (to be fair who likes liver anyway?​ 🤮 ) ​ Joking aside, the list of what you can and cannot have can seem endless. ​ Am I really going to take away your cups of tea and coffee too? Research funded by the Food Standards Agency UK and conducted by members of the CARE study group concluded that high intakes of​ caffeine​ could be linked to miscarriage and low birth​ weight​ babies. ​ Prior to this study being conducted the recommended limit for caffine intake was 300mg of​ caffeine per day. ​ The study​ was considered​ the well conducted and​ prompted the limited to be reduced to 200mg per day. ​ (This amounts to about 2 cups of coffee per day) It is also worth noting that chocolate also contains​ caffeine! ​ So basically I am not really spreading the joy here ladies. ​ If it were me I would switch to decaf tea or coffee and enjoy a Double Decker! ​ Unless you have​ gestational diabetes then you​ can't have that either! ​ Wow the things we go​ through for our babies! #gettingyouready #havingababy #pregnancyadvice #midwifetips #lovebabies #pregnant #earlypregnancy #pregnancydiet #foodanddrinkinpregnancy #decaf #pregnancyjourney #havingababy #5weekspregnant #1stbaby #1stpregnancy #1sttimemumanddad #fratpack #morningcoffee #studentmidwife #midwifelife #mothershape​