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W H Y: " Why would you share so early." "Why would you post if it's not confirmed." "That's eager." "How do you know your actually pregnant." Its not a bid for attention. PAL is Raw. I'm putting all my faith in God. Living for Peace. I share to normalize early pregnancy announcement. I share because my sisters should not suffer through early miscarriage alone because their plans have been dashed. Hearts broken. GRIEVING. Dark and lonely .I share my faith building I share my prayers. I share what I read whether I like it or not.We have many friends TTC. Suffering early miscarriage, suffering alone because no one knew. Parents from conception. I share because the odds are against us. Life matters at all gestations, we are pro choice, pro support and pro Jesus. Treat your sisters how you want your daughters treated. What I dont share is hate. We have heaps of support thank you and God bless you all especially my ttc sisters , im still praying for you all x #earlypregnancy #livingon #life #newbaby #love #raisingmcbabes #learningtolivefaithfully #pal #pregnacyafterloss #community #raisingsisters