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#MONDAYMIDWIFETIPS – one of the 1st signs of pregnancy can the complete exhaustion you feel in those early weeks. It can hit you like a ton on bricks – and really knock you for six! Staying awake past 7pm can feel like an impossible task, especially if you are working/looking after other siblings. Your body is working over-time at this stage; creating your baby and forming all their major organs, your hormones are overloading your body to keep the pregnancy and your metabolism is changing, with your nutritional reserves being drained. Alongside this your blood sugar and blood pressure can drop as well. All in all, your body is working to its absolute limit and that is why you may feel so exhausted. Here are some tips to survive the exhaustion of the first 12 weeks: . ✨ Listen to your body – it is hard to do anything but this in weeks 6-12! Try to prioritise rest in the evening, especially if you are working OR if you are up in the night with another child. Re-scheduling your bedtime to a time that works for you becomes essential in the survival of those early weeks. ✨ Let your partner know – explain to your partner how you are feeling. This won’t last for ever – by 12 weeks you will begin to feel your usual self but for this time it is important that you rest. Don’t forget that if you are tired you will feel more nauseous in the early weeks. ✨ Set up a bedtime routine -eating dinner earlier in the evening and having time to have a bath/shower before bed can help to relax the body ready to sleep. Try keeping the lighting in your bedroom dimmed and if possible don’t use any electricals before bed. All these routines can help your body to stay asleep longer, allowing you to really rest and recuperate for the next day. . This really doesn’t last forever and by 12–14 weeks of your pregnancy you will begin to feel your energy levels returning and can really enjoy staying up later than 8pm again 😁What's your tips? #1dayatatime #earlypregnancy #tiredness #exhaustion #pregnancysymptoms #gettingthroughit #howtosurvive #1sttrimester #expertadvice #pregnancy #surviving #whattheydonttellyou #realityofmotherhood #family #daytoday #mondaymidwifetips #emmamillsprivatemidwife