When it comes to prenatal exercises, its hard to explain what’s safe and what’s not across the board. Every girl’s body is different, every pregnancy is different. Your medical history, your fitness level, your body type, and your pregnancy journey are all factors I need to take into account beforehand, and even after that I still need to see how you physically perform to assess for further modifications . . As most of you know I don’t train clients in their first trimester, as I feel you need some time to understand the changes your body is going through, the risk of something (god forbid) going wrong is higher, and of course many suffer through terrible nausea and just need to let it settle a bit before committing to anything! . . No matter your fitness level, here’s one simple set that’s fail safe for the first trimester. Doesn’t require much energy or exertion, but if you can just manage three sets of each movement 3-4 times a week, it should keep your energy levels up, nausea (slightly) at bay and you’ll be much more prepared for a workout commitment by the second trimester! Just make sure to contract pelvic floor and exhale upon effort!! . . Preferably, keep a cushion right under your tail bone for these! . 👉Open book (keep movement slow and controlled) 👉Same movement with arms coordinated 👉Reverse single leg stretch (point toe in when bringing leg back). 👉Same movement with arms straight behind head . . #pregnancy #prenatal #prenatalfitness #pregnancyexercise #pelvicfloor #diastasisrecti #corestrength #earlypregnancy #firsttrimester