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REPOST: Part Three 💖 My journey to become a Mum. __________ Over the next few days that line got stronger and stronger. Our excitement and love started to grow too, but so did my anxieties about going through everything again. I made a doctors appointment to talk this through and was told to take vitamins to help(I have low levels of iron), to call if I was worried and booked an early pregnancy appointment for me at the hospital. __________ The days before the scan seemed to go on forever. Minutes felt like hours and hours felt like days. At the beginning of May I was caught up in an argument which resulted in me being assaulted but after a lot of upset I was very much protected and supported by the police. The whole ordeal raised my stress levels hugely, which raised my worries of another miscarriage way more than before. __________ We arrived at the hospital and I was asked to do a pregnancy test which was positive. The early pregnancy nurse(who i will never forget) was such a lovely woman... she said that they only allow scans for pregnancies 6 weeks or over, and I was at 5 weeks 5 days. After looking at my history and hearing what had happened recently she edited my last cycle date so that it would say 6 weeks to the person doing the scan, and in we went. __________ I lay there while they put the ultra sound gel on my belly and prodded around looking on the screen and I waited to hear those words that I'd heard twice before. She picked a remote up and turned the screen on that was directly infront of me and there I saw an image that I will see ever time I close my eyes. A tiny little blob like shape, in the right place, everything looking normal, measuring 5 weeks and 6 days, with a tiny yet strong heart beat... And that was the first time that we saw Esmae. __________ End of Part Three 💖 ________________________________________ #ttc #firsttimemum #parent #baby #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #mum #mom #mother #stillamum #rememberence #angelbaby #rainbowbaby #ultrasound #earlypregnancy #pregnant #couple #scan #love #follow #iam1in4