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The end of an old year. Week nine of pregnancy. Not the most beautiful part of the journey and one so rarely depicted, with one month of non-stop nausea behind me and more to come, with much fatigue and not always, I regret, the best of humors. But I'm more grateful than ever for the benefit of experience, for an exceptionally charming toddler always ready to distract me, for the memory of all those negative pregnancy tests behind me, for knowing my body so much better than before and having the confidence to make my own decisions about what's good for it, for more of a sense of pregnancy as a natural process, and for the overwhelming love to come. . . . #wintermood #moodcollectors #earlypregnancy #pregnancythoughts #pregnancyweek9 #mybeautifulstories #treasurethistime #reclaimingvulnerability #calmversation #talesofthemoment