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VITAMIN D(EFICIENCY): Vitamin D has a number of functions but one of these is a co-factor in gene transcription. It has shown to be important in immunity, regulation of inflammation, insulin resistance, and placental growth and regulation, among other functions. It seems to be particular important for human reproduction, both male and female #fertility, for the #pregnancy, and the #newborn and child.” - I learned this today from Dr. Nyberg at the @themedicalchambers after I went for an ‘emergency’ #earlypregnancy scan having noticed lots of brown discharge paired with cramping. I haven’t slept since it started yesterday but haven been assured by Dr Nyberg who is a leading obstetric and gynaecologic ultrasound specialist and is well known for his expertise in using prenatal scans to detect or exclude birth defects. I’m your average first-time-mum-hypochondriac and now know I will have to splash ca$h on medical advice that doesn’t come from #mumsnet so that my mind isn’t overtaken by worry. The first scans look beaut, hearing the heart beat strongly made us wipe away a tear and not having #twins means we won’t have to sell the house. Vitamin D I’ll have plenty of right now, vitamin D*** I’ll leave for now as I’m pretty sure all this discharge and stress was the result of a bit of boink.