SENSITIVE POST - I believe the line may be darker today. It’s hard to tell honestly but the control line is lighter too which to me is a good sign. That was my past pregmate test and I’m not gonna order more unless I have to. I started testing with a clear blue today too. Faint line, but there. They’re not especially sensitive. So now instead of alternating pregmate and first response, I’ll be alternating @clearblue and @firstresponsepregnancy , and using a few dollar store tests in between. I’m praying and praying this is it. I’m hoping to see a line dark enough to feel comfortable telling my husband by Sunday. I think this is the darkest @pregmate strip I’ve ever taken and I’m so so happy to be where I am. All praise to the most high. I didn’t make my body ovulate early, HE did. And He deserves all credit for the rainbow baby growing in my belly. #4weeks1day #pregnant #lineprogression #13dpo #christmasmiracle #rainbowbaby #4weekspregnant #earlypregnancy #pregnantafterloss