Day 92 - 12.13.19 Friday the 13th Full Moon 🌚 Long day but a good day. And enjoyable short night. We are puppy sitting this weekend - oh, how much energy! A bit exhausting. 😉LOL. It is so easy to forget after you have pups all grown up. Precious little bundles of constant need for vigilance. I spose we can consider it another moment of baby practice - hehe. 🐶 I was standing in the living room talking at one point tonight and caught Whit admiring my tummy. She thinks it is easy to see the top of my tum getting firmer. It feels more firm but down low is not protruding yet - when you're a thicker woman the whole fun "baby bump" seems to take so much longer to enjoy - kind of a bummer. 🤷‍♀️ But it is what it is and eventually I'll round out which will be neato. I can't wait for our appointment on Tuesday to have our ObGyn check again. 🤰 I crashed on the couch around 8pm - I couldn't hang anymore. I do feel better, though. I didn't even take a Benadryl all day until about 6pm so that is a good sign, I hope. The cough is still lingering, mostly when I lay down. Grrrr. We shall see. I'm just glad it is Friday. And the 13th. And a full moon! 💜 . . . #pregnancyJourney #pregnant #pregnancy #preggers #earlyPregnancy #puppies #15WeeksPregnant #dogs #dogsofinstagram #IUIjourney #iuiSuccess #iui #ttcSupport #infertilitysucks #infertility #babydust #ttcCommunity #ttc #twoMoms #love #rainbowBaby #believe