Today started dreary with both the weather and my mood. By the time I left for my appointment the sun had peaked out and while driving I saw the biggest and brightest rainbow (I really wish I got a pic)! I prayed that it was a good sign. Now to the details... The embryo was tightly nestled to the side of the gestational sac, we saw the yolk sac and the flicker of the heartbeat at 115-118 bpm, and we are measuring at 6w3d which is right on track. This was all good news and the technician was so thorough and kind. Her only concern was that the gestational sac is on the large side, so she ran this by the doctor who said to come back in a week for a re-check. The tech said she has seen this many times and to try not worry. My husband researched a bit and found the only negative outcomes with a larger gestational sac are when an embryo or yolk sac aren't found (which thankfully isn't our case). So we go back December 20th for a second scan which would put us at 7w4d. I would love to hear from anybody who has had a large gestational sac in early pregnancy and what their experience/outcome was! Any advice or suggestions are always appreciated! Oh, and I have been so stressed out today that the hubby was a sweetheart and took me out for pho 🍜 . . . #firstultrasound #firstscan #ultrasound #transvaginalultrasound #pregnancyscan #gestationalsac #yolksac #6w3d #6weeks #6weekspregnant #earlypregnancy #pregnant #pregnantat40 #pcos #pcospregnancy #repeatpregnancyloss #recurrentmiscarriage #pleaseletthisbemyrainbowbaby