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Good morning all! I had posted this case a while ago. Young couple, wife with severe pcod. Referred to me, previously she had one cycle of Clomiphene, no response. She was given HMG 150, after which she landed with OHSS. After one cycle of OCP, Started her stimulation with Letrozole ( for 10 days)and added HMG 75 on day 7/8/9 of menses. With tailored stimulation, we got a good monofollicular growth and we did an IUI. Her pregnancy test today morning! 😀 One size fits all does not work everywhere. Tailor made protocols are more beneficial in patients with hormonal problems. With this severe pcod, she did not have very good chances with IUI, but it's important is to give a fair trial to the patient before we opt for more sophisticated treatments. It is an early pregnancy, let's all hope for the best! ♥️ Happy patients, Happy us! #drankitasfertilitycentre #drankitakaushal #successstorywithdrankita #successstory #ivfspecialist #ivfdoctorinnavimumbai #pregnancy #earlypregnancy #iui #iuisuccess #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove