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Our little blueberry is 6 weeks today and we flew to the States yesterday to visit my husband's family. We haven't been here 24 hours yet and I'm already crying my eyes out. Am I being unfair not wanting to announce our 6 week pregnancy to the entire family yet? So far we've told our parents, siblings and grandmas. They've been through the good and the bad with us and we wanted to tell them. Now we're being badgered to tell the whole family. I thought pregnancy was like marriage, between your little family and you get to decide who you invite into it. I just wanted to spend a lovely holiday season with my in-laws but instead I feel pressured and bullied. I'll be from home during the 7 week ultra so I won't even know if my baby's heart is beating. I'm so scared but no one except my husband seems to understand that. I'm barely understanding what is happening in my body myself and now I'm expected to share this most vulnerable part of me with, what seems, the whole world 💔😢 #pregnant #earlypregnancy #bullied #sad #angry #blueberry #privacy #lynchsyndrome #fuckcancerfi #fuckcancer #depression #reallife