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For this pregnancy the regimen recommended by my doctor is 200mg of progesterone (taken vaginally) and one low dose aspirin per day. For my last pregnancy I was taking 400mg of progesterone per day and the side effects were not fun. My new doctor doesn't feel that 400mg is necessary since my progesterone is rising naturally and I'm taking it only as a precaution. I go back early next week to have beta number 3 and my progesterone rechecked to see how I am responding to it. I do not have any known blood clotting disorders, but with my history of repeat miscarriages my doctor thinks it couldn't hurt to take low dose aspirin. My husband and I have researched some studies on it for possible prevention of miscarriage, and while there isn't much evidence for miscarriage prevention there also aren't any negative effects. I would love to hear about anyone's experience with taking low dose aspirin during pregnancy and what you think of it! Do you think it helped you? 💊 I am aware that both of these medications will not prevent a miscarriage that is due to a chromosomal abnormality or other "defects" and complications 💊 . #progesterone #prometrium #progesteronesuppositories #lowdoseaspirin #aspirin #babyaspirin #pregnant #earlypregnancy #miscarriage #miscarriageprevention #repeatpregnancyloss #pregnantaftermiscarriage #pregnantafterloss #pregnantafterlosses #pcos #pcospregnancy #beatinginfertility #ketoforfertility #pleaseletthisbemyrainbowbaby