Day 74 - 11.25.19 Monday A bit tired but made it to school on time. It was good to be back. The kiddos were happy to see me and I had missed them. At the end of each period, I showed this Google Slide - it was groovy to watch their faces light up with excitement! ☺ My 7th graders are pretty stoked. That was the best part of the day 💜. . . 😑 . Otherwise, the day was a bit stressful with an unneeded situation that must be dealt with. Facebook popped up the quote which was ironically quite fitting to it all. ::sigh:: I tried relaxing and enjoying the fact I was home but my mind fixates when something is unresolved so the evening and night was spent in agitation and angst. 🌨 . Then, I got the email declaring a snow day for Tuesday due to the blizzard moving in. Yay to a snow day before the Fall Break begins - an extra "day off." But it also means shoveling snow, ugh! After being in Texas' beautiful temperate weather this is unfortunate. Lol. Oh well! Still good to be home. . . . #IUI #IUIjourney #iuiSuccess #preggers #pregnancy #earlyPregnancy #pregnant #love #rainbowBaby #12weeksPregnant #believe #pregnantTeacher #loveislove #pregnancyJourney #twoMoms #lesbianparents