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This has been a few of the hardest months I've ever went through. I felt so unwell with hyperemesis until the last couple of weeks. Been in and out of hospital once a week, going to GPs, and felt miserable and so sick throughout. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Think of the worst stomach bug you've ever had, but it doesn't end for weeks, and in some cases months. For me I'm lucky it ended recently. For others it can last the whole pregnancy. Something I wasn't aware of before I got pregnant, was that it can come back later in the pregnancy too. Bummer lol. The hospital visits were so hard at first. Every time I ended up going, there was a fire alarm test. One day, as well as the fire alarm test, an old man opposite me kept bending his arm when he was having an infusion, which would set the IV pump alarm off every five minutes, and having to buzz the nurse to stop the machine from bleeping... Every five minutes. I felt so ill and on this particular day there were no beds soo I had to sit in an electric chair that didn't work for ages. When you feel sick and are being sick, you just want to lie down. It was a miserable time. So, I had become accustomed with going to hospital, Kyle even knew what to pack to bring with us to make staying alot more comfortable. So if you're in early pregnancy and having a difficult time keeping everything down. Call your local hospital maternity triage and ask for help/advice. If you're told to go to hospital here's what I suggest bringing: πŸ’•A book πŸ’žA phone and charger πŸ’• Headphones (this one is a must!!) πŸ’žA comfort from home like a blanket/throw, slippers or whatever πŸ’•Your favourite drink or a snack you can tolerate, will be different for everyone πŸ’ž A colouring book, I was skeptical at first, but trust me. Its therapeutic. πŸ’• An eye mask/ear plugs πŸ’ž Snacks/coffee for your partner if they're coming with you πŸ’•Lip balm, wipes, personal care items that will help you feel a little more human I hope these help if you're going through something similar. . . . #pregnancyproblems #earlypregnancy #hyperemesis #hospital #morningsickness #pregnancy #begentlewithyourself #difficulttimes #innerstrength