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15+3 . Just a quick one. I had some aches in my lower back around this time - I think due to natural softening/loosening of ligaments and whatnot as body prepares - and personally found this wheat bag, which can be heated in microwave, better for a bit of relief than a hot water bottle for putting nestled against my lower back at night and during the day. Thank you to my mum who reminded me I owned this (she had given it to me ages ago for unrelated reasons!). Also, the aches did abate a few weeks after this and for most of the rest of second trimester, only returning in the third. But that story is for later! . Note - I was already getting reflux by this stage (boo! Usually worse later on - Google reflux in pregnancy to learn all about this delightful phenomenon, something else I naively didn't realise was A Pregnancy Thing!!), so had started using a wedge pillow (bought off Amazon on a mate's suggestion following starting to use 3 ordinary pillows) to sleep propped upright. The use of this unfortunately continued throughout; and additional pillows and whatnot were added to the mix....but that's another story for a later date!! . #earlypregnancy #pregnancyjourney #pregnancybackpain #backache #pregnancysymptoms #pregnancy