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15+0 . This was a good day. Husband made bruschetta at home and I love bruschetta anyway annnnnd I was able to properly enjoy this homemade one. I took a photo as because I was nearly on tears at how amazing I found this bruschetta (lots of things tasted different or not quite right in the first half of pregnancy, went off various things altogether etc etc so was very exciting to find something I liked...maybe...even more than I had before?!) 💕 . Oh speaking of things that didn't taste quite right. Water was one of them. Hated it! So I started drinking lots of squash instead to stay hydrated. Including at work. Apparently water tasting different is a common thing, and a senior colleague later told me suspected what was going on when I started drinking the squash, as she had to do the same thing when she was pregnant 😆 . Also you will notice we are at 15+3 in this photo and guess what......morning sickness was still around. It doesn't always magically vanish at the official end of first trimester, folks! (Which is 12 weeks) . #earlypregnancy #changingtastes #pregnancyjourney #pregnancy #homemade #bruschetta