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14+5 as per timeline / 13+1 for this photo . Going to try to rapidly catch up to the timeline I'm using! . So this photo was taken on my birthday! And it was the big 3-0 no less! I was still suffering from that general faint un-wellness and having fairly predictable mornings of vomiting, but was determined to enjoy myself. Husband and I went to stay for two nights in a nearby glam city, and we went on a walking tour (it rained constantly, I felt so ill, but stuck it out!), and had dinner at one of my favourite restaurants (I was sort of able to enjoy this!). In between we ventured to John Lewis just to dip our toes in the waters of baby related things - not to buy anything but just to see what was out there... . O. M. G. 😱 . What a bloody minefield! There were SO many options for SO many things!! Cribs bouncers cots toys car seats and so so so so many options for each...we walked out a bit dazed, the photographed brochure in tow...made for nice, if overwhelming, bed time reading 😂 . I didn't even know what some of the things WERE! Travel system??? What happened to a bog standard pram??? And breast pumps you can control with an APP??? What is this sorcery? . Also yes I felt hungover and threw up the morning after my 30th but obviously underlying reasons were different to the usual ones on such an occasion 😆 . #johnlewis #earlypregnancy #pregnancyjourney #pregnancy #thebabyindustry