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14+4 as per timeline I've been using / scan dated 11+5 (got my official due date when got this done!) . Completely out of sync now but I still think important to reflect on the first USS so just gonna do it now 😊 . In the (UK based, amazing, wonderful, public healthcare system) NHS, you get a dating ultrasound scan at approx 12 weeks (based on period dates. Trickier if not regular, but I am reasonably regular, and so was confident of dates). They do concurrent blood tests, and take certain measurements, all if you consent of course (which I did), to give you probabilities of most common trisomies (such as that leading to Down's syndrome). And, of course, you get to actually see the foetus, the little bean you are growing, for the first time! . I had worked myself into an anxious state beforehand - what if there's somehow no baby and I imagined it all? Despite all my symptoms (as husband kept pointing out!)? Worse - what if it's a missed miscarriage? I.e. heartbeat not there and pregnancy not viable and gonna end naturally at some point (if that happens you get options to speed that process along)?? . I threw up that AM a few more times than usual, thanks to nerves! . But all was absolutely fine. The (lovely) sonographer found the foetus, and its heartbeat, straightaway. Had a wriggly little thing that wouldn't stay still for the measurements! Got them eventually after a lot of me doing hip wiggling. . It was an excellent experience. I may have cried. Husband may have given an unreadable half smile and told me I was doing 'a good job'. I guess we all express expression in different ways 😂 . Also, I was quite thrilled by just how BABY like the image was. Not sure what I was expecting 🤣 . #pregnancy #earlypregnancy #firstultrasound #ultrasoundscan #sonogram #pregnancyjourney